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OSNews, Generic OSes Each of the four writers is positive that his operating system is the best and will try his hardest to convince you of that -- and is not above taking a few swipes at the competition. These are not rational, disengaged reviews; these are opinionated essays meant to sway your point of view.
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RE: These are weak
by waynej on Tue 8th Apr 2008 12:21 UTC in reply to "These are weak"
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I think you're mostly right about the snideness but to be honest at least it's quite open in this article (by the Windows guys).

But here's the deal - the Linux and OSX guys mainly talk up their choices, the Windows guys talk down the opposition.

This is a major point I think. If, in order to sway people to your way of thinking, you have to diss the opposition and it's proponents rather than be positive about the features of your own favorite - there's something wrong.

I also feel the same about the comments aimed at Linux users - really pisses me off. But I assure you they wouldn't say it to your face - these types of articles give people the opportunity to say what they like without the threat of a smack in the face.

My tuppence.

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