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Linux Here's an update on the Linux Driver Project. "The Linux Driver Project is alive and well, with over 300 developers wanting to participate, many drivers already written and accepted into the Linux kernel tree, and many more being currently developed. The main problem is a lack of projects. It turns out that there really isn't much hardware that Linux doesn't already support. Almost all new hardware produced is coming with a Linux driver already written by the company, or by the community with help from the company. There are two main classes of hardware, video input devices and wireless network cards, that is not well supported by Linux, but large efforts are already underway to resolve this issue, with the wireless driver issue pretty much taken care of already, however there are a few notable exceptions. Because of this, our main effort has turned into one of education. Educating vendors of how to become members of the Linux kernel community, proper coding standards and procedures, and how to get their code into the kernel tree."
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"""Category 1 is already being handled very well by the Linux Printing project and the SANE project. Printer and scanner drivers in Linux are userspace programs and libraries and have nothing to do with the kernel at all. If you have any issues with these types of devices, please go ask the developers of those projects about it. """

Typical Linux (et al in OSS) thinking. As an end-user I don't care if the problem is in the kernel, the library, or the application. True that as a technical person I can appreciated the differences. When it comes to being a user, it comes down to the question "Can I get similar functionality I had in Windows?" Heck, even if the library did support my scanner, AFAIK, there is no decent application for KDE 4 for scanning with it! Sorry but people need to realise that hardware support means the full stack. Until it is complete, I'll keep XP installed on my machine and I actually hesitate about booting into Linux* since I might need to scan something and I hate rebooting.

* Though I much prefer it.

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