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BSD and Darwin derivatives "I am very happy about the direction in which the Mac OS X GUI is going, although sadly many Mac users aren't interested in (or don't know about) the "lower levels" of the Macintosh Operating System. Have you ever wondered why the Terminal greets you with the words "Welcome to Darwin"? Why do BSD and Mac OS share certain bits of code? Why does Wikipedia describe Mac OS X as a graphical operating system? Today we're going to take a look at the underlying open source technology which powers your fancy Leopard OS - the hidden core set of components, named Darwin."
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RE[5]: What BSD could have been
by nevali on Tue 8th Apr 2008 23:03 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: What BSD could have been"
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look , if Darwin was Open Source and BSD the other BSD would work perfectly on Apple hardware due to similar hardware support as they would be using the same code , they don't.

Go and read up on “compatible licenses”. Just because a project is open source doesn't mean its license is magically compatible with every other open source project ever created. The Linux kernel includes GPL-licensed portions of FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD: those modifications can't be fed back into the BSDs they came from, because doing so would taint the license; the same applies here: to port the code back would cause chunks of the source BSD operating system to be licensed under the APSL, which the BSD folk don't want!

Also they would support ATI to the same degree that Mac OS X does as they would use the same code , they don't.

HOW would they? Since when are ATI's drivers open source? Since when do the other BSDs use Aqua (which, incidentally, isn't available as part of Darwin)? And since when do the other BSDs use Darwin's IOKit driver model?

And a very long list of hardware that Mac OS X and Darwin support that other BSD simply don't.

Again, read up on “compatible licensing”. Also look up the driver model of Darwin, which is fundamentally different to that of any of the other BSDs.

But that's not all , Office and Adobe and other Apple Mac OS X software would also be supported natively on BSD as they would share the exact same code , they dont.

Those applications don't even work on Darwin, let alone another operating system entirely!

How do you explain that ? Not asking you at all , I know : You don't , you turn around it and redefine thing to fit your bushit !

I don't need to explain it. You're talking largely about Mac OS X, which nobody ever claimed was open source. This entire article concerns Darwin, which is an Open Source, Free Software, operating system which contains a subset (go and look that up, as you're clearly unsure what it means) of Mac OS X's capabilities and technologies.

Seriously, what on earth are you smoking, and can I get some?

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