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Multimedia, AV Lennart Poettering from Red Hat who develops and maintains PulseAudio has written a detailed explanation about the underlying technical improvements in the upcoming version of PulseAudio. "A while ago I started development of special branch of PulseAudio which is called glitch-free. In a few days I will merge it back to PulseAudio trunk, and eventually release it as 0.9.11. I think it's time to explain a little what all this 'glitch-freeness' is about, what made it so tricky to implement, and why this is totally awesome technology."
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All other major oses have it
by _txf_ on Thu 10th Apr 2008 11:00 UTC
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I generally find PA to be quite neat, esp the network transparency. Vista and osx both have something similar to pa. I'm not saying just because everybody else does it we have to do it too, but the fact that others have done it well (i.e. coreaudio) implies that the effort is justified.

Also as the post explains, the point of alsa is to be closer to hardware, whereas pa is meant to be a userspace daemon, that incidentally is easier and more flexible to use than alsa (there are numerous complaints about its api)

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