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Windows "In a session at the Gartner Emerging Trends conference today, analysts Neil MacDonald and Michael Silver identified many reasons that Windows (and thus Microsoft) are in trouble. Microsoft's operating system development times are too long and they deliver limited innovation; their OSs provide an inconsistent experience between platforms, with significant compatibility issues; and other vendors are out-innovating Microsoft. That gives enterprises unpredictable releases with limited value, management costs that are too high, and new releases that break too many applications and take too long to test and adopt. With end users bringing their own software solutions into the office... Well, it's just a heck of a sad story for Microsoft."
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RE: Microsoft is in trouble?
by estherschindler on Thu 10th Apr 2008 15:16 UTC in reply to "Microsoft is in trouble?"
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The users are in trouble based on what Microsoft has done -- certainly, the people in the room (all of whom were senior IT managers) didn't give off the vibe of "How could you SAY so?!"

But if you read the article, you'll see that the analysts are pointing out that Microsoft itself is in trouble, because its entire business model (not to mention business/sales culture) is based on the old way of doing things. As the world changes, the analysts said, Microsoft will have to change, too.

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