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Gnome GNOME 2.22.1 has been released. "This is the first update to GNOME 2.22. Come and see all the bug fixing, all the new translations and all the updated documentation brought to you by the wonderful team of GNOME contributors! A lot of work has been done in the stable branch to make it even more solid than it was."
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Comment by SJ87
by sj87 on Thu 10th Apr 2008 19:56 UTC
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I've nod nothing but problems since updating to 2.22... Maybe it ain't GNOME's fault half of the new packages didn't install at first, but I spent a nice couple of "F*CKIN H*LLS" installing dependencies one after another until I finally got Nautilus to not to crash on logon. Tracker was updated today, and only thing I noticed, was it breaking Nautilus up again. Got it fixed by reinstalling tracker-lib.

But Compiz still crashes on every logon, and a crash occurs also on first manual run, so I need to run fusion-icon a whopping two times before having my desktop ready-to-use.

VLC lags like hell when I try to play a video file (Totem doesn't). It both launches slow and plays the video with low FPS. And sometimes, when browsing directories with videos, I can see my RAM usage bouncing from 30% to 100%, then back to 30%, then back to 100%, and so on. It doesn't end until I do "killall tracker-extract". Browsing images is also a lot slower and file browser freezes up every now and then (mostly 'now').

Cheese doesn't work with MacMenu plugin so I can't change its used device from my video capture card to webcam, at least haven't yet found a way to force it through terminal. No man pages installed for Cheese and too lazy to lookup around the Net. Tried Gconf editor but it apparently tweaks there don't affect.

Good news are they finally re-added the "calculator" as an option in Keyboard Shortcuts, so I can run Gcalctool easily again.

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