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BSD and Darwin derivatives "I am very happy about the direction in which the Mac OS X GUI is going, although sadly many Mac users aren't interested in (or don't know about) the "lower levels" of the Macintosh Operating System. Have you ever wondered why the Terminal greets you with the words "Welcome to Darwin"? Why do BSD and Mac OS share certain bits of code? Why does Wikipedia describe Mac OS X as a graphical operating system? Today we're going to take a look at the underlying open source technology which powers your fancy Leopard OS - the hidden core set of components, named Darwin."
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I say tomato you say ...

I find articles like this helpful to bring non-geeks into the osnews site. Those same people may become more educated and more likely to visit osnews and reduce the number of people you appear to be so critical of in your comments (e.g., gamers, etc...).

Just call it software. I don't know that it really matters if OS/X is the mach, the OS, the DE, .... I could go on, but why? If it matters to you, great. However, it does not have to matter to anyone else...

Reading the comments makes me feel like I am back at home listening to my children--It is! No it isn't!....

At the end of the post, there is a request for information/comments. Since someone asked asked for assistance, maybe you could give assistance--not wise-cracks. Remember, the post asks for information/comments to clarify the post rather than claiming the information presented was "the truth"--whatever that is...

The author is trying to provide some information (as I think everyone has a certain right to provide--even if you disagree with what is stated/said). Instead of failing at social skills class, nicely educate (the writer and the readers) with facts (i.e., don't just complain about the shortcomings...).

If you think I am being critical of you and you feel "upset" or ready to "blast me back into yesterday with a comment," think... Or do you like how reading this comment makes you feel.. Hmmm? Sometimes being put in the other shoe helps you feel what if feels like to take another path...

I do not read every article on osnews, and my failing to read them all is not because the articles are not osnews-worthy. Rather I read what interests me. If I start reading and I realize the article is too "shallow" or "to deep" for me, I simply go back and get another article.

The world is made up of all types, and I think it is a GOOD thing that we aren't all the same. Don't you?

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