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Red Hat "The Fedora Project attracts a lot of interest from the Linux faithful. While there are perhaps more newbie-friendly, corporate-friendly, or special-interest-focused distributions, Fedora continues to wear the innovation hat. Fedora announced Fedora 9 Beta late last month, and Test Center reviewers replaced the current Fedora 8 install to see what the new version has to offer. Since Fedora 9 (Stirling) is still in beta, occasional bugs and some rough edges were inevitable. But there is a solid indication of the new things to come that makes the stable release, expected May 1, worth watching."
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Belated beta review?
by rklrkl on Sat 12th Apr 2008 11:03 UTC
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Is it just me or hadn't Fedora 9 Beta already been out 17 days before this review came out? Heck, I thought I was slow installing it the day after its release (mainly because the day 1 torrents were dog slow - it took many hours before they put a faster seed up for the 64-bit DVD).

In fact, if Fedora 9 Preview hadn't been delayed (though the F9 schedule hasn't been updated to indicate this as I write - Fedora tend to be laggy updating their Wiki schedule when there's delays), the *next* pre-release of F9 would have been out before this Beta review, since it was originally scheduled for 10th April and the review of the Beta was published on 11th April.

BTW, F9 Beta had an "interesting" issue on my Dell Vostro 400. Because my Philips old-school 4:3 CRT monitor wasn't recognised, X now defaults to widescreen resolution for unknown monitors and doesn't put Mode lines in xorg.conf either (so, yep, the only way to get the 1280x1024 res I wanted was to hand-edit xorg.conf and put Mode lines in, ho hum). Even after I got the res sorted, the screen was shifted well to the left at 1280x1024 - at this point, I gave up and booted back into F8.

Didn't like the "faces" GDM login default either - I'd rather type a username in (probably an easily hackable pref, but it's a definite change for all previous GDM login defaults in every version of RH/Fedora I can ever remember).

Also hated that GNOME Terminal no longer lets you set the cursor blink to off (a GNOME 2.22 "innovation") - the setting is now global and buried in the Keyboard prefs! Madness from the GNOME devs there - terminal cursors shouldn't blink and also be forced to blink (or not blink) the same way as text carets in completely different apps!

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