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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Due to the success of the previous incarnation, I'd figure we do another 'OSNews Asks' item; it's a nice way to get to know each other a little more on matters that are in itself fairly irrelevant. We'll continue down the path of irrelevance by asking: What Star Trek race would you want to be, given the choice? And, of course, why? I'll start: definitely Betazoid. Reading minds, telepathy, maybe even empathic abilities, no weird ridges or other facial deformations, black eyes - what's not to like? Post your choice in the comments!
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Comment by eekee
by eekee on Sat 12th Apr 2008 12:41 UTC
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I've seen the Federation (of Picard's time) compared with communism. The key indicator is the no money thing and the seeming fact that everything large is government-run. They're very socialist, at the least, and while that may seem to be nice to some there's enough uniformity to bother me. At least they're not too obviously totalitarian. (Totalitarianism is the scary part of both extremes of the political spectrum.) As for what I'd want to be, the Federation's science resources are most tempting, but key advances are made by individual scientists, who are often recluses. (The biggest example may be Data's creator.) This is not an indicator of a healthy scientific community, rather it indicates a restraint on free thought.

With no government to my taste I'd like to be a free agent like 7's parents, despite the risk. The Federation may still offer the least restricted education so the race I choose is Vulcan, for the mental capacity. If it were somehow possible I would prefer Romulan for the greater emotional freedom, but I suspect I could not escape the Romulan empire.

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