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GTK+ Ars Technica has an article about recent proposals to evolve the GTK+ toolkit: "The developers of GTK are preparing for a major overhaul that aims to resolve many of the framework's most significant deficiencies and add next-generation features that will increase flexibility and simplify development. This effort is still in the earliest planning stage, but several intriguing proposals provide valuable insight into some of the changes envisioned by prominent developers."
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key to success is documentation
by nbd_ on Sat 12th Apr 2008 16:29 UTC
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I have coded for qt and gtk, and for both I started from scratch by reading documents and example code.

After already having coded UI with qt for one of my own projects, I wanted to give a hand for an open source project, which was using gtk.

For gtk drawing I first tried cairo, but that was a major turn down because of the lack of proper documentation for some of the cairo features. I guess that's not gtk to blaim, but gdk was not much better experience. The learning curve was just too steep compared to the time/effort I had prepared to spend.

For qt docs, I don't have much to complain and the whole framework was easier to adapt. Maybe partly because I had experience on C++ before I started qt, but not much experience on C when I started tinkering with gtk.

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