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Red Hat "The Fedora Project attracts a lot of interest from the Linux faithful. While there are perhaps more newbie-friendly, corporate-friendly, or special-interest-focused distributions, Fedora continues to wear the innovation hat. Fedora announced Fedora 9 Beta late last month, and Test Center reviewers replaced the current Fedora 8 install to see what the new version has to offer. Since Fedora 9 (Stirling) is still in beta, occasional bugs and some rough edges were inevitable. But there is a solid indication of the new things to come that makes the stable release, expected May 1, worth watching."
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great but...
by pinky on Sat 12th Apr 2008 17:03 UTC
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Fedora is great but why is it so slow?
I don't mean boot time, yum or something like that but the behaviour of the system. I have set up so many times Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian systems, always start only the services i need but Fedora is always the slowest system (application start, reaction of user input,...)

For example i have a Pentium M1.3Ghz Notebook with 512MB RAM. I can install Ubuntu and Debian with gnash and can watch youtube videos without a problem but if i install Fedora with gnash video and audio runs out of sync and the system becomes really slow.

I just wonder why? At the end it is the same software! Has it something to do with SELinux? With extreme differences in compiler options between Fedora and Debian/Ubuntu packages? etc. I don't know, but even if i disable SELinux Fedora is slower than Ubuntu and Debian.

I would immediately switch to Fedora, but the general performance have to be much better or someone have to tell me what i'm doing wrong.

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