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Windows User Account Control is easily one of the most hated features of Windows Vista, according to readers. The seemingly endless stream of UAC pop-ups, asking you to confirm this action or that action, just get in the way (and aren't particularly zippy, given the screen redraw). Others don't mind UAC, but there's no doubt it's a controversial 'feature' of the OS. At the RSA 2008 confab in San Francisco, Microsoft admitted that UAC was designed, in fact, to annoy. Microsoft's David Cross came out and said so: "The reason we put UAC into the platform was to annoy users. I'm serious," said Cross. Cross had more to say than just that: Microsoft is going to put more emphasis on whitelisting.
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by linuxdude on Sat 12th Apr 2008 18:03 UTC
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I have already switched to Linux (ubuntu)

I absolutely refuse to fix broken windows machine. I just tell other to install linux or forget it - I ain't wasting any more time on fixing windows.

I have wasted a lot of my productive time of my life fixing windows (virus, spyware, annoying updates) and getting it to just work. Its just a PITA.

I am just TIRED of this shit.

I havent had a single problem with ubuntu since last many months other than sometimes firefox crashing - which can easily be ignored with the restore session feature.

Who the heck gives a crap about microsoft anymore. Bye from my side forever.

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