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Hardware, Embedded Systems Every now and then, a computer comes along that makes a mark, that sets a trend, or that simply stuns you - but not because of its internals, its processor or its software, but because of its appearance. Through the history of computing, there have been a number of computers that were actually designed to appeal not just because of raw technology alone, but also because of stunning looks. Read on for a countdown of my ten most beautiful computers.
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RE: ThinkPads!
by h3rman on Sun 13th Apr 2008 19:36 UTC in reply to "ThinkPads!"
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ThinkPads would be on my most beautiful computer list. They're beautiful the way a purpose built tool is beautiful and memorable the way Darth Vader is memorable.

I'm by no means an IBM fan, but the Thinkpads, especially the X-series, are simply amazing examples of beautiful ugliness - and I mean that last noun in a good way.

I'm afraid only people that have actually used/owned a Thinkpad will be able to appreciate that. The fact that you cannot usually see Thinkpads in stores on shelves plays a role in that, I guess.

A big mistake Thom, and I have no idea why you didn't consult me ;) is to include the Macbook Air, I was very unimpressed having seen it here last week. Plus, its design is just way too fresh to be able to judge it.

iBooks, especially the later 12" models, beat the crap out of the McB Air in the looks department; as a matter of fact, Apple is not going to produce a nicer laptop in the next decade. It's not as light, but at least it has a real keyboard that says, type me!

So Thom, get the hell out of your blogging chair, get yourself a Thinkpad at eBay and repair this missed opportunity. ;)

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