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Hardware, Embedded Systems Every now and then, a computer comes along that makes a mark, that sets a trend, or that simply stuns you - but not because of its internals, its processor or its software, but because of its appearance. Through the history of computing, there have been a number of computers that were actually designed to appeal not just because of raw technology alone, but also because of stunning looks. Read on for a countdown of my ten most beautiful computers.
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RE: iMac - BeBox
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 13th Apr 2008 19:58 UTC in reply to "iMac - BeBox"
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OTOH, I think the BeBox *didn't* deserve to be there! I mean, sure it is an important/significant model in computing/OS history but this is the "The Ten Most *Beautiful* Computers" and the Be-box looks as ugly as any cheap random case.

That's just your opinion, which is just as worthless as my opinion ;) .

This wasn't just the "The Ten Most *Beautiful* Computers" list. It was my "The Ten Most *Beautiful* Computers" list. Which is quite different.

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