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Hardware, Embedded Systems Every now and then, a computer comes along that makes a mark, that sets a trend, or that simply stuns you - but not because of its internals, its processor or its software, but because of its appearance. Through the history of computing, there have been a number of computers that were actually designed to appeal not just because of raw technology alone, but also because of stunning looks. Read on for a countdown of my ten most beautiful computers.
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RE: Mouse of Sharp X68000
by sakeniwefu on Mon 14th Apr 2008 12:02 UTC in reply to "Mouse of Sharp X68000"
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What was so special about the mouse?

It is explained just below the text you quoted ;) . According to the page, you could turn it into a trackball by switching a button. You would click the buttons with your left hand and move the ball with your right hand. If you didn't switch the axises, by rotating the body of the mouse, the trackball would be difficult to use.
I am not much into design, but a Motorola 68k "DOS" PC like the Sharp is an interesting machine for sure. It's a pity we now only have the x86 architecture.

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