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Features, Office The Tor Desktop Virtual Privacy Machine is a USB JumpDrive preloaded with a complete Linux OS and a roster of useful applications. Plug it into a Windows or Linux machine and launch a virtual Linux desktop that routes all network traffic through multiple network proxies using the Tor network. This provides a totally secure way to access your data, even when using an internet cafe PC or an untrusted network.
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RE: writers a butthead
by David on Tue 12th Jul 2005 19:24 UTC in reply to "writers a butthead"
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It just goes to show that if you try to be lighthearted, some thin-skinned know-it-all is going to get all offended. I didn't say that *only* trolls complain about Linux's speed. I said that trolls complain about Linux's speed.

It's funny how you "didn't need to read anymore" once you read one thing that rubbed you the wrong way. Sounds like you're someone who needs to take a college-level reading class.

You don't win any points in an argument by admitting that you didn't read the material, and if you admit to us that your sensibilities are so offended by a little lighthearted comment, it really doesn't give anyone any reason to pay your arguments much attention at all. Not to mention slinging insults. What makes me an asshole? I didn't call anyone names and I didn't insult anyone's education. That was you.

Let's take a survey from the readers. Who's the asshole?

I'm not sure what part of my review you found that gave you the impression that I needed some more writing education, because you didn't give any support to that claim, other than my perhaps-too-weak sense of humor. Or are you just showing up, making a comment to stir the pot and LEAVING?

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