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Apple The website of a Miami-based networking and security solutions reseller became inaccessible Monday, shortly after the company began advertising an unauthorized Mac clone for a fraction of the cost of Apple's cheapest system. Dubbed OpenMac, the USD 400 offering from Psystar Corporation is described as 'a low-cost high-performance computing platform' based on the ongoing OSX86Project - a hacker-based initiative aimed at maintaining a version of the Mac OS X operating system for everyday PCs. The website is back online now, and the machine has been renamed to Open Computer. Update: Psystar says they will continue to sell the Open Computer system, despite the fact that it appears to violate Apple's EULA. "We're not breaking any laws," they insisted.
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This is working very hard to change my mind on purchasing an Apple-branded system.

For less than the cost of a mini, I can have a better performing system, that will be far easier to upgrade.

There is a large part of me thinking, "What have I got to Loose?"

If Apple manages to block installs or brick boxes in the future, at least I can hock the box off as a windows PC on ebay or craigslist. By then I'll have been able to save up more money dedicated to buying Apple branded hardware.

As a stop-gap solution to end my current state of having computers that are 7 years old without being able to afford (in cash) the system I -really- want, this makes DAMN good sense.

I can get what I need now, continue to save for what I want, and sell what I get now in the future when I've saved enough for what I want.

This is an idea I think I can sell the wife on.

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