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Apple The website of a Miami-based networking and security solutions reseller became inaccessible Monday, shortly after the company began advertising an unauthorized Mac clone for a fraction of the cost of Apple's cheapest system. Dubbed OpenMac, the USD 400 offering from Psystar Corporation is described as 'a low-cost high-performance computing platform' based on the ongoing OSX86Project - a hacker-based initiative aimed at maintaining a version of the Mac OS X operating system for everyday PCs. The website is back online now, and the machine has been renamed to Open Computer. Update: Psystar says they will continue to sell the Open Computer system, despite the fact that it appears to violate Apple's EULA. "We're not breaking any laws," they insisted.
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[q] Its as stupid as those who think they own the software - if they, after purchasing software, OWNED the software then one could easily reverse engineer, copy HUGE chucks (because after all, owning the software would mean also owning copyright over it), and then resell it. The whole software model would go down the toilet.

This is not much different than 'buying' music. They shouldn't be able to use the term 'buy' or 'sale' if it's a rental or lease. That's deceptive, and probably why we're having this argument.

It's like I go to Bookmart and 'buy' a book in shrinkwrap, and when I get home and open it, on the inside of the cover is a piece of tape holding the pages and a 'license' that says 'You agree to not to read this book under non Bookmart lamps. Break the tape if you agree.' If that is legal, it's time for regime change. Even if the license was on the outside, that's BS.... Now to really make this example look like the software/music/movie industry, picture almost every book except certain "open" books having these damn licenses.

I hope a judge does favor these guys, and in the process manages for force massive changes in the IP industry.

(next up, every time you take a crap, "You agree to only use Bunghole brand toilet paper. Flush the toilet to accept this license."

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