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KDE "After three weeks of using KDE 4 on my laptop, I continue to find new features and changes. I am aware of the dictionary of special names that make up the back end of the new KDE - Oxygen, Plasma, Phonon, and the rest - but just as often as the major features, it's the little items that I find welcome as much as the large ones. Increasingly, I'm looking at KDE 4 as a statement about what a desktop should be, and contrasting it with my own ideas on the subject."
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RE: Not enough
by _txf_ on Tue 15th Apr 2008 23:11 UTC in reply to "Not enough"
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Name me a DE or OS that does this. The kde devs are taking great pains to make kde as user friendly as possible.

"When we refer to information we are much more likely to refer to it by contents, or by who created it, or for whom it was created than where it sits in a Unix filesystem. So why do most desktop systems KDE includeds make us do that."

Nepomuk should help achieve some if not all of that.

"The systems don't catch the intents of our actions. E.g. if I try to make a phonecall to a collegue and he doesn't answer, why doesn't the system suggest sending an e-mail once we hang up on our phone application.
Yes, computers are part of our communication equipment, so they must be able to interact with non computer commuication, such as ordinary phone calls."

Won't Decibel make these kind operations easier? I fail to see how a computer can interact with POTS short of making the phone computer controlled. Either way POTS is gonna die eventually.

You're free to design the interface of the future, it might even be revolutionary. However, count on many users not trying it out because they "don't understand", "it's not like windows/osx", "not like kde3/gnome" etc...

The problem with interfaces is that there will never be a revolution, only evolution because you always have to phase out the cruft or expectations of the users. Not to mention there still are limitations with regards to hardware (still bound by keyboard and mouse...most of us).

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