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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Sun's Ian Murdock gave a presentation about OpenSolaris at LugRadio Live this past weekend. He hopes to expose open source enthusiasts to unique Sun technologies by creating a cohesive distribution that will provide a complete environment that is adequate for day-to-day use. This will involve bringing together the Solaris operating system and a diverse assortment of open source community projects and "adding a package management system to hold all these pieces together," Murdock stated. The final release will take place in May and the distribution will adhere to a six-month release cycle, just like Fedora and Ubuntu."
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RE: GNU Userland
by s_groening on Wed 16th Apr 2008 08:38 UTC in reply to "GNU Userland"
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It doesn't really mean that much, I think.
The Nexenta project seems to aim towards Nexenta Core becoming an official Debian/GNU port to the Open Solaris kernel.

This is by no means Sun's wishes for the future of its Open Solaris distribution, known as Project Indiana.
What Sun seems to wish for i more like a reshaping of certain parts of Solaris/Open Solaris to make it behave more as expected by users of 'modern Unix-like OSs'.

This involves better a userland, a modern package manager and an up to date installation of Gnome instead of the Sun branded 'Java Desktop System' or CDE.

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