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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Sun's Ian Murdock gave a presentation about OpenSolaris at LugRadio Live this past weekend. He hopes to expose open source enthusiasts to unique Sun technologies by creating a cohesive distribution that will provide a complete environment that is adequate for day-to-day use. This will involve bringing together the Solaris operating system and a diverse assortment of open source community projects and "adding a package management system to hold all these pieces together," Murdock stated. The final release will take place in May and the distribution will adhere to a six-month release cycle, just like Fedora and Ubuntu."
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but zfs cant keep data with powerloss like a real hw raid. if my fileserver loses power all data in the raidcontroller will containpower and unwritten data can be written during next boot.

Doesn't guarantee all data makes it properly to the disks, though. Otherwise, people wouldn't talk about the RAID5 write hole (ZFS RAID doesn't have that, since we're at it).

For that matter:
1) Systems where it matters are using UPS backup.
2) Nothing stops you from not using the RAID functionality on a battery caching RAID controller.

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