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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Sun's Ian Murdock gave a presentation about OpenSolaris at LugRadio Live this past weekend. He hopes to expose open source enthusiasts to unique Sun technologies by creating a cohesive distribution that will provide a complete environment that is adequate for day-to-day use. This will involve bringing together the Solaris operating system and a diverse assortment of open source community projects and "adding a package management system to hold all these pieces together," Murdock stated. The final release will take place in May and the distribution will adhere to a six-month release cycle, just like Fedora and Ubuntu."
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RE[3]: OpenSolaris
by binarycrusader on Wed 16th Apr 2008 13:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: OpenSolaris"
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"You define the quality of a packaging system based on the amount of available packages?

Of course not, but it even does not work correctly (Preview 2)

Does not work correctly in what way? I am able to install, uninstall, search, and list packages. Which specific aspect are you having problems with?

Did you file a bug at

...searching is useless, its better to grep for package you seek

Searching is not useless. Also, the version of ips in preview2 is a few months old. The ips team has made several advances since then. Remember that ips is barely a year old and is being implemented rapidly.

As one of the contributors to the ips project, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the next release.

also all these prefixes are little useless, almost all packages has SUNW prefix, what for?

Package names have nothing to do with the package system, that should be obvious.

In this case, the packages still have the SUNW prefix because they are being imported from package definitions for Solaris 10, etc. Sun's previous package naming policy stated that packages must be prefixed with the stock ticker or a company identifier.

This will be changing for ips packages in the near future, but more important work is being done at the moment.

Also about count, package management is usefull when you can add all software that you need, package management is useless if you cant add many of your day to day work apps, so currently pkg on OpenSolaris IS useless, but we will see how it will look like in the end of May this year.

Then depending on who you ask, it may or may not be useless. For example, I can add all the software *I* need, so it isn't useless to me. I think your definition of useless needs a lot of work.

Availability of packages again has nothing to do with the packaging system itself.

Finally, since ips provides compatibility with svr4, you can install thousands of packages available here:

or here:

or here:

My attitude to (Open)Solaris can be taken as offensive, but do not take it that way, I prefer Solaris to Linux for example, but there are many places where (Open)Solaris needs to catchup comparing to FreeBSD or Linux.

Constructive criticism would be more helpful.

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