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OSNews, Generic OSes Yankee Group's second annual Server Operating System Reliability survey polled 700 users from 27 countries worldwide. The latest independent, non-sponsored Web-based survey revealed that all versions of UNIX -- which typically carry very high workloads -- are near bulletproof, achieving 99.999% reliability. IBM's AIX UNIX led all server operating systems for reliability with just over 30 minutes of per server annual downtime but Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems also got high scores.
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Interesting statistics
by kiz01 on Wed 16th Apr 2008 15:56 UTC
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Those are really interesting numbers. It was interesting to see that Suse got almost the same reliability as Red Hat as I've always heard that Suse wasn't as stable (but faster). It also looks like linux in general has really stabilized. It has much less down time compared to a year ago.

The Windows numbers were also pretty interesting. I expected (with all of the hype that Windows is just as stable as Unix) that Windows would be at least close to the *nix OSes. Well, so much for hype.

The other interesting number was for HP/UX. It had a really low down-time number but that was limited to version 11.1 which, as far as I know, does not support Itanium. It's unfortunate that the downtime for Itanium servers (HP/UX 11.23) wasn't mentioned. I know our 16-way Itanium servers have a lot more down-time than I would have thought (although I don't have any exact numbers). Anybody know the reliability of Itanium servers?

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