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OSNews, Generic OSes Yankee Group's second annual Server Operating System Reliability survey polled 700 users from 27 countries worldwide. The latest independent, non-sponsored Web-based survey revealed that all versions of UNIX -- which typically carry very high workloads -- are near bulletproof, achieving 99.999% reliability. IBM's AIX UNIX led all server operating systems for reliability with just over 30 minutes of per server annual downtime but Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems also got high scores.
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A waste of space
by TechniCookie on Wed 16th Apr 2008 20:52 UTC
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This survey is very weird. There is provided no details on how it was done. How big is the uncertainty on these numbers? There are obvious omissions in the chosen 'unices'. There are some of the titles of the bars just don't make any sense. The descriptions are really weird like:

'OpenSource Linux' (given the GPL I thought all Linux was open source)
'Linux from Suse'
'Linux with Suse with Customizations' (can I please have some Linux with a bit of Suse and some Customizations on the side, please)

And it gets even more vague with 'Other Linux' and 'Other Linux with Customizations'. This is meaningless. It conveys absolutely no information.

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