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Apple Two days ago, the news that a company called Psystar was offering a Mac clone made quite some waves across the net. They were offering their Open Computer, a standard x86 machine, which they could pre-load with Mac OS X Leopard."We're not breaking any laws,", they insisted. ComputerWorld and The Guardian did some digging around, and found some discrepancies.
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RE: But why really care?
by qortra on Wed 16th Apr 2008 21:35 UTC in reply to "But why really care?"
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Since it's just a beige box PC with an osx86 DVD.

Are you sure? The article that I read implied that they were using a straight up Leopard installation. They had actually fooled the Apple installer into thinking it was a genuine Mac by installing a custom Bios/EFI on the system.

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