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KDE "After three weeks of using KDE 4 on my laptop, I continue to find new features and changes. I am aware of the dictionary of special names that make up the back end of the new KDE - Oxygen, Plasma, Phonon, and the rest - but just as often as the major features, it's the little items that I find welcome as much as the large ones. Increasingly, I'm looking at KDE 4 as a statement about what a desktop should be, and contrasting it with my own ideas on the subject."
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RE[2]: Default Applications
by _txf_ on Wed 16th Apr 2008 22:51 UTC in reply to "RE: Default Applications"
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I fail to see how much more clear one can be about this short of gaudy flashing icons and annoying popup tutorials. In Gnome it is not immediately obvious how to change mime types.

It's not like kde has a monopoly of obscure configuration interfaces (hello gconf). KDE 3 series made it difficult to find options because there were lots and were badly organised at the same time gnome was shoving all these options into gconf. Each is valid enough, just a matter of preference.

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