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Apple Two days ago, the news that a company called Psystar was offering a Mac clone made quite some waves across the net. They were offering their Open Computer, a standard x86 machine, which they could pre-load with Mac OS X Leopard."We're not breaking any laws,", they insisted. ComputerWorld and The Guardian did some digging around, and found some discrepancies.
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RE[3]: But why really care?
by qortra on Wed 16th Apr 2008 23:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: But why really care?"
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The issue is that they are actually stupid enough to try to sell it.

Why is it so stupid? As long as they are legitimate, I think it's quite clever. Just because avid reader of osx86 forums is able to hack together a system using torrents and carefully selected parts doesn't mean that everybody else can. Maybe some people just want to try OSX without paying $1200 (for an iMac) or buying a Mac Mini. You can call me cheap, but the price of hardware is by far the biggest reason that I've stayed away from Apple desktops.

Honestly, the owners of this company might be people with nothing to lose, and whether they succeed or fail, this will put them on the map. Being renowned (even as a failure) is invaluable.

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