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3D News, GL, DirectX Open Graphics Project founder Timothy Miller recently noted on the project's mailing list that they are set to announce that their first hardware, the OGD1, is ready for pre-order. "The OGD1 design has actually been finished for a couple of months now," he began, explaining that they've been setting up a way to process pre-orders for the first 100 boards. The board will retail at USD 1500, with a USD 100 discount offered for the first 100 pre-orders. "These are pre-orders, not orders," Timothy continued, "that means the lead time is unpredictable. We don't have a stock. We will purchase a stock based on the number of pre-orders we get. Also, this means that if we never get a large enough number of pre-orders, we will be unable to fulfil them; all pre-orders would be cancelled, and no one would be charged anything."
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In summary: Intel and ATi may give us OSS drivers, but still no OSS graphic cards.
But do we know that the machines that will be manufacturing these cards will be running OSS? Because if they're not, it's not truly an OSS card.

Sarcasm duly noted. I'm just saying that their goal is a pure OSS card, and that is why they are doing what they are doing. After all, there is the potential that the OSS hardware market will be just as important as the OSS software market. With the declining prices of FPGAs there are those possibilities.

I'm no purist myself (written from XP), but I see there point and where they are going with this. That said, I think it would be nice if we had a complete open-source patent-free stack with lithography and everything!

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