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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has laid out a new roadmap for the development of Windows Embedded at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2008. The Embedded roadmap outlines the "renaming of its family of products and plans for new solutions in key device categories". Kevin Dallaes, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business, explains: "With today's strategic road map announcement, our aim is to present the evolving Windows Embedded product family in an intuitive fashion, making it easier for our customers to choose the right platforms and tools for their needs."
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Late as usual
by JCooper on Thu 17th Apr 2008 13:40 UTC
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MS were late to the internet, late to decent web search, now they're late to the UMPC trend.

I was on the Eurostar to Paris earlier in the week. I spotted 3 Eee's in my carriage alone.

The shape of things to come? Who knows, but MS is definitely concerned by EOL XP support, they'll miss out on a lot of money.

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