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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Sun's Ian Murdock gave a presentation about OpenSolaris at LugRadio Live this past weekend. He hopes to expose open source enthusiasts to unique Sun technologies by creating a cohesive distribution that will provide a complete environment that is adequate for day-to-day use. This will involve bringing together the Solaris operating system and a diverse assortment of open source community projects and "adding a package management system to hold all these pieces together," Murdock stated. The final release will take place in May and the distribution will adhere to a six-month release cycle, just like Fedora and Ubuntu."
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I like the direction things are headed, but:

#1) WPA/WPA2 support for iwi cards (very popular) isn't there, or wasn't in DP2.

#2) Suspend/Resume didn't work on most laptops in DP2.

Are these going to be sorted for the May release? If I remember correctly, #1 was fixed in Nevada (added some cryptographic frameworks that were necessary), and as to #2 - I have no idea.

These will be two major stumbling blocks to adoption on laptops (if this is of Sun's/the communities concern.)

Other than that, hopefully we'll see some pkg usability updates (working search would be nice). I don't really have many other complaints. There needs to be better integration of nwamd with gnome, as well, so changing wireless networks when you have multiple options/changing ethernet connection ips/etc can be done easily from the GUI.

Looking really forward to this release!

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