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Apple Two days ago, the news that a company called Psystar was offering a Mac clone made quite some waves across the net. They were offering their Open Computer, a standard x86 machine, which they could pre-load with Mac OS X Leopard."We're not breaking any laws,", they insisted. ComputerWorld and The Guardian did some digging around, and found some discrepancies.
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E-Kind of like saying I have to use Brand X gas in a Brand Y car, isn't it?

Hmm.. No It is not, and here is why, gas is just an energy source. For the comparison to be valid the example had to be: A Dell only runs on 230V/50hz delivered by E-On.
And besides, you do not own A copy of OSX you have a license to use a copy under the terms set by the entity licensing it to you (in this case Apple inc), if you do bot like the terms do not buy or use the product, or start a campaign to have Apple change it.

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