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Microsoft Microsoft has "dramatically" changed because of open-source software, the company's Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie said Thursday as part of a wide-ranging discussion during the annual Most Valuable Professional summit in Seattle. He also talked about Microsoft's mesh concept and the importance of virtualization.
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Little news and no vision, sadly.
by eekee on Fri 18th Apr 2008 17:24 UTC
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It's been fairly obvious for some time that the competition, or spectre of competition, from open source has forced Microsoft to change in little ways. Interoperability is mentioned as if Microsoft is thinking hard about it, but with the spectre of some ugly dealings over OOXML fresh in my memory, I won't be impressed by anything less than major glasnost and perestroika.

As for the stated vision, I see very little that Plan 9 couldn't do in 1989. Plan 9 still can, it's still around. In fact, I'm starting to wonder whether every time the word "vision" comes out of certain industries, whether it doesn't mean a rehash of a far older and proven idea, but one which of course received limited audience. Credit where credit is due... Oh I forgot, Microsoft needs all the positive publicity they can get right now. *sigh*

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