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Legal A Microsoft executive sent out a snotty email chastising anyone who has been encouraging people to purchase the Vista upgrade and install it without owning a valid Windows license. People discovered long ago that the Vista upgrade, which costs half of what full license costs, will install on new hardware without verification of a previous install. Microsoft's Eric Ligman points out, to those people who weren't aware, that this is just as much a violation of the license as "borrowing" an install disk from a friend.
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The Consumer is the Thief
by RGCook on Fri 18th Apr 2008 19:31 UTC
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Most EULA are written to absolve the licensor of any responsibility whatsoever due to defects, even if they cause the end-users machine to spontaneously combust upon installation or irreparably harm his/her product, company, etc. in any way.

In an odd twist of fate, a flaw in the Vista software enables a customer to improperly install it. And as a result, instead of taking ownership for the flaw, MS brands customers as theives. There's your "Genuine Advantage" folks. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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