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OSNews, Generic OSes Regular OSNews readers will notice we've had a drop-off in original articles over the past year or so. That's something we'd like to change. We'd like to encourage OSNews readers to submit articles by staging a contest wherein the best articles will be judged by OSNews staff and readers, and the winners will receive valuable prizes. All submitted articles that meet our submission guidelines will be published at OSNews. In addition to wanting articles to publish, this is also a talent search of sorts. We're hoping to identify talented OSNews readers to fill the ranks as editors and regular contributors. If you think you have the skills and desire to be a part of OSNews, please enter the contest, or just contact us. Read more for details on the contest.
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what are the posibil intentions ?
by cipri on Sat 19th Apr 2008 11:04 UTC
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may I guess, what the intention of the osnews guys is:
people should write more, and better articles, so that me will have more users and than the value of the page will rise up.
The motto is: you do the work, and we make the money.

Perhaps this is an idication that the owner/owners of this page want to sell this page, but they want to rise its value before they go with a big bag full of money.

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