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Linux Lennart Poettering of Red Hat, PulseAudio maintainer has blogged in detail about the impact of Real-Time Group scheduling in 2.6.25 kernel. The Real time patches come from -rt patchset maintained by Ingo Molnar of Red Hat which aims to make Linux the first general purpose operating system with hard real time features.
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RE: Hard Real-time?
by bannor99 on Sat 19th Apr 2008 23:12 UTC in reply to "Hard Real-time?"
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I would recommend giving 64Studio a try. Probably tuned better than Mandrake/iva would be even with this real-time patch.
Sometimes the problem with latency is overly conservative IDE settings ( you may have to get familiar with hdparm to change this) or excessive CD-ROM drive polling.

There are some good docs floating around on this but might be quicker to take 64Studio for a spin.

2 HOURS to recompile the kernel - wow, there's now way it should take that long with recent hardware. I do remember when you could spend that much time at it but that was LONG ago !!!!

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