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Qt Nokia will introduce Qt to the maemo platform in addition to GTK+. The first actual step will be the distribution of the Qt libraries for application development in during 4Q2008. Nokia wants to explore cross-platform possibilities between S60 and maemo. It is interesting also to check the interest in the developer community for Qt in the tablets. This is also a way to attract more attention from the KDE community, a sensible move especially if the Trolltech acquisition gets completed.
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I am not sure
by rayx on Sun 20th Apr 2008 11:57 UTC
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I got a N800 recently. While I think Hildon UI is neat, I can't see any thing innovative in it. It is still a desktop in its essence(but tailed for a small screen) and not that intuitive and easy to use as I would expect a device targeted for consumers(I mean, people who haven't used computer before) should have.

However, I really like canola's UI, an application written by people in nokia INGT. Actually I wonder why the whole UI framework is not designed around that UI style and use the underlying technology(evas and edje, which I knew litte before).

So, Why does it matter to bring another toolkit? Will this make the device easier to use? I don't think so. The news said that it could attact more developers. But I think sometime the UI is at least the same important than what an application can actually do(iPhone has approved that, I think).

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