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X11, Window Managers Have you ever been annoyed by Linux' lack of a coherent graphical boot process? Graphics hardware causing problems during sleep/wake cycles? Problematic virtual terminal switches? Kernel-based mode-setting, a new feature of Xorg still in heavy development aims to solve many of these problems by moving the mode-setting code from the user-space X driver into the Linux kernel. Phoronix takes a look at this new feature.
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Xorg is focusing on linux like it's the only OS using the software.

I lived through the Unix wars. So forgive me if I fail to weep over that. We've done *nothing* on this well known issue for 14 years. The last thing the POSIX world needs is to haggle for even more years over exactly the right way to do it. *BSD and Solaris need to get with the program or get left behind. Continued inaction is not an option.

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