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X11, Window Managers Have you ever been annoyed by Linux' lack of a coherent graphical boot process? Graphics hardware causing problems during sleep/wake cycles? Problematic virtual terminal switches? Kernel-based mode-setting, a new feature of Xorg still in heavy development aims to solve many of these problems by moving the mode-setting code from the user-space X driver into the Linux kernel. Phoronix takes a look at this new feature.
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Okay, now the wise person who modded me down will please tell me which statement in my previous post is false? Is there any opinion for you to disagree with? Can you justify that the design of hibernate makes a working part of the OS hang the whole system up? If so, please enlighten me.
If you must have the immature attitude of modding people down because they happen to describe non-functional parts of your favorite OS, at least you could make a reason up to justify it rationally.

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