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BeOS & Derivatives Every now and then, the Haiku mailing lists explode with emails about something called the distribution guidelines. The Haiku guys set up a set of guidelines with regards to use of the Haiku trademarks and logos; the "Haiku" name may not be used in the distribution's name, official trademarks and logos must be excluded, but the Haiku icons and artwork may be used. In addition to these cosmetic and trademark issues, the guidelines explain what is needed in order to receive the official "Haiku compatible" logo.
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RE[3]: Distributions...
by Gunderwo on Mon 21st Apr 2008 04:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Distributions..."
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Unlike "Linux", BSD, Solaris and Haiku have their own applications.. they're not a kernel that needs bundling with GNU crap.

Down with distributions, they're unnecessary and stupid.

This comment implies that you see the BSD's as complete software stacks that need not add any additional, non-BSD applications into a "Distribution".

Only the "distributions", like PCBSD or DesktopBSD include such things, both are distributions - which I made a point of opposing.

Yet in your very next quote you reference BSD distributions. So if you are aware of these BSD distributions why would you make a blanket statement about BSD not using distributions.

I'm not lacking any research, what I was saying is that for a BSD to be useful as a Desktop OS or distribution if you may. Is you will likely will end up adding additional non BSD licensed software to make it useful. This is the case whether it is a distribution or a base system added to through ports or packages or whatever.

I should mention also that we are now seeing Solaris based distributions too.

So your initial statement was along the lines of Linux bad, BSD, Solaris, Haiku good. Even though BSD's and Solaris's are packaged as distributions too.

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