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BeOS & Derivatives Every now and then, the Haiku mailing lists explode with emails about something called the distribution guidelines. The Haiku guys set up a set of guidelines with regards to use of the Haiku trademarks and logos; the "Haiku" name may not be used in the distribution's name, official trademarks and logos must be excluded, but the Haiku icons and artwork may be used. In addition to these cosmetic and trademark issues, the guidelines explain what is needed in order to receive the official "Haiku compatible" logo.
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RE: Not a huge ordeal, really...
by Valhalla on Mon 21st Apr 2008 14:24 UTC in reply to "Not a huge ordeal, really..."
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well, I think the whole thing is sad. I personally enjoy trying out the weekly packs so I'm not exactly objective but for me it was just a great to be able to periodically try out a new build together with installed software with no more effort than a click.

I can't for the world see what negative aspects the existance of this (clearly marked as ALPHA software) image can have had on Haiku, the target audience is exactly the same as those who download the nighlty builds, only it makes it quicker/easier to try out Haiku in conjunction with third party software.

now it's clear from Koki's posts that users like me are not something he wishes to cater for, and that the whole idea of this complaint was to make the weekly pack to simply disappear. however since Karl does cater for users like me, instead of a Haiku image that clearly states with a popup that this is ALPHA software (which really isn't that confusing), he has now gone through the hoops of which the result is a new distro named Senryu (which is less confusing?).

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the existence of Haiku's distro rules, but they have the right to choose when and were to enforce them and doing so in this instance comes across as a simple attempt to shut down a weekly Haiku alpha image with pre-installed software, which in my opinion was counterproductive as I can't see in what way it could possibly have had a negative effect on the Haiku project.

I guess I really better start thinking of Haiku as Haiku Inc from now on, since in this atleast it really comes across as a true corporation rather than a open source project done for fun and passion.

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