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X11, Window Managers Have you ever been annoyed by Linux' lack of a coherent graphical boot process? Graphics hardware causing problems during sleep/wake cycles? Problematic virtual terminal switches? Kernel-based mode-setting, a new feature of Xorg still in heavy development aims to solve many of these problems by moving the mode-setting code from the user-space X driver into the Linux kernel. Phoronix takes a look at this new feature.
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If Linux would step and and actually settle on stable APIs or god forbid a stable ABI for some of these things then maybe other people would follow them.

At the moment there are no stable APIs being defined by linux. That's a central theme.

The innability for Linux (or any other unix) to set (or stick to) standards is the reason why this sort of thing has lagged for over a decade.

Linux has a stated goal of no ABI or API stability. It's argued that such a restriction would shackle the kernel dev's hands, introducing artificial inflexibility. Whether or not that is true, it is true that Linux is not responsible for creating standards. If Linux devs and BSD devs wanted to get together and hash out a standard for something I'm sure they could do it, but nobody seems interested in doing that. Therein lies the real problem. We're a long way (in terms of time elapsed) from POSIX and I don't see new standards being developed by anyone, just new single-vendor APIs.

The exception here is the fine work at fd.o, but they don't really touch very low level stuff unless it's directly X-related.

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