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X11, Window Managers Have you ever been annoyed by Linux' lack of a coherent graphical boot process? Graphics hardware causing problems during sleep/wake cycles? Problematic virtual terminal switches? Kernel-based mode-setting, a new feature of Xorg still in heavy development aims to solve many of these problems by moving the mode-setting code from the user-space X driver into the Linux kernel. Phoronix takes a look at this new feature.
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I assert that X is superior to quartz in every technical respect.

That is a pretty bold statement. Could you maybe show some sort of argument here as to why X is superior in every technical aspect to Quartz?

X is being fixed, but it needed fixing badly. There was and still mostly is no working acceleration framework for the RENDER extension. Sure we have EXA now but it does not work on most hardware and when it does it is slower than doing stuff in software. E.g. text rendering speed is less than optimal to say it mildy. They are fixing this, but we will have to wait another year or so to really see some improvements here.

Let me say it clearly for those who don't seem to understand: X is good and it's not going anywhere.

X is finally going somewhere! Things are moving along now, work is being done to address the most serious issues. X is finally catching up to comparable technologies. I would call X as it stands today as sufficient, but nowhere near excellent. Kernel modesetting is an incredible important step towards fixing some longstanding stability and security issues. Together with working EXA, hot-plugging, compositing, color management, TTM, DRI2, and many other exciting developments, X is getting in good shape.

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