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BeOS & Derivatives Every now and then, the Haiku mailing lists explode with emails about something called the distribution guidelines. The Haiku guys set up a set of guidelines with regards to use of the Haiku trademarks and logos; the "Haiku" name may not be used in the distribution's name, official trademarks and logos must be excluded, but the Haiku icons and artwork may be used. In addition to these cosmetic and trademark issues, the guidelines explain what is needed in order to receive the official "Haiku compatible" logo.
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koki wrote:
That is exactly the definition of distribution.

oh I doubt people downloading the weekly pack considered it a distro any more than they consider the nightly builds to be a distro, hence no confusion. had it been called Senryu from the start and had followed the rest of the 'distro' rules set up by Haiku inc then it would certainly have been a distribution, however it was clearly not intended as a 'distro' as it made no attempts to distance itself from Haiku nightly builds other than the inclusion of software. of course if Haiku inc feels someone is dilluting the Haiku brandname they should take action, I just disagree as to this being such a case. what's next, forcing a namechange of Haikuware to Senryuware?

koki wrote:
-"What's more, I even tried to bring Karl on board in order to develop a bounty system within Haiku (which is what the community wanted), and to that end we exchanged a few ideas via private emails. But one day he vanished and then suddenly sometime later he announced the bounties on Haikuware (that experience taught me that Karl is more interested in doing his own thing than in being a teamplayer)."

the Haiku inc way, or you are just not a teamplayer. you really conceal that animosity well. anyway, I get the bigger picture now, though I don't like it much.

conclusively, while I certainly want a lot to do with Haiku the operating system, I don't see myself as wanting to have a whole lot to do with Haiku the administration.

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