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General Development is running an opinion piece on the extensive reliance of programmers today on languages like Java and .NET. The author lambastes the performance penalties that are associated with running code inside virtualised environments, like Java's and .NET's. "It increases the compute burden on the CPU because in order to do something that should only require 1 million instructions (note that on modern CPUs 1 million instructions executes in about one two-thousandths (1/2000) of a second) now takes 200 million instructions. Literally. And while 200 million instructions can execute in about 1/10th of a second, it is still that much slower." The author poses an interesting challenge at the end of his piece - a challenge most OSNews readers will have already taken on. Note: Please note that many OSNews items now have a "read more" where the article in question is discussed in more detail.
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It's the coder, not the toolkit
by Touvan on Tue 22nd Apr 2008 15:48 UTC
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I just have to say, a good coder, who is familiar with his/her platform, would have no problem making even scripted languages like javascript or actionscript absolutely scream.

The problem isn't the environment or the language, it's the coder, and there are a lot of them, just trying to make it work, never mind make it work fast.

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