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X11, Window Managers Even though some users of the two desktops take every opportunity to make fun or flat-out attack one another, it is no secret to more reasonable people that the KDE and GNOME projects strive to make their respective desktops interoperate, and that the developers working on either of the two projects have a great deal of respect for one another. This has lead to an attempt to jointly organise the desktops' flagship conferences, in one place, in 2009.
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Great News
by byrc on Tue 22nd Apr 2008 21:57 UTC
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This is great news, finally someone, somewhere is making progress with Linux and the general public. The fact that a person can use Linux at school, work, whatever and then go somewhere else and use a Linux that looks, feels and acts completely different is a major turn off to the oh-so-sought after "average consumer."

This is what Linux needs, interoperability and sharing of ideas! After all, isn't that what Linux was founded on in the first place?

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