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X11, Window Managers Even though some users of the two desktops take every opportunity to make fun or flat-out attack one another, it is no secret to more reasonable people that the KDE and GNOME projects strive to make their respective desktops interoperate, and that the developers working on either of the two projects have a great deal of respect for one another. This has lead to an attempt to jointly organise the desktops' flagship conferences, in one place, in 2009.
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RE: Great News
by xpr0nstar on Wed 23rd Apr 2008 14:18 UTC in reply to "Great News"
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As a long-time Linux user, I simply don't care about average consumers' attitude toward Linux. If I was someone who is into making money off of these average consumers with Linux, maybe I would care. Linux does not need the average consumers to validate its existence and I truly believe Linux will continue to exist with or without the support of average consumers. It's the open source philosophy that dictates the development of Linux, everything else just come along for the ride when the oportunity presents itself: the users, the corporations, the proprietary developers, etc... Linux has reached the state it's in without average consumers' acceptance and it will continue to move forward without it. If someone wants to use Linux, he/she will find a way, regardless. If a person does not even know the existence of Linux, he/she is probably too average to use Linux in the first place.

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