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Windows Everyone's been talking for what feels like an eternity about Vista being a major blunder, and everyone has their theories as to why it happened. So why would John C. Dvorak be any different? He's got 11 reasons why the OS was destined to flop.
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Windows 2008
by jebb on Wed 23rd Apr 2008 20:24 UTC
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I never played with Vista, but I gave the Win2008 evaluation version a spin over the week-end, after reading the rave reviews it got recently. After switching on the right services and features (including Aero), it offers a surprisingly pleasant experience on my laptop (albeit with a few missing drivers...). I like what I saw. And that's from a full-time linux user for years.

I certainly can't relate to the Vista horror stories that abound on the net these days: I'm still wondering what UAC is, I have no side bar, and the system feels really snappy and boots fast. Of course, the fact that this laptop sports a 2GHz core2duo, a GF8600GS and 2GB of RAM might help...

At the end of the day, though, it still offers nothing over Ubuntu that I'm willing to pay that much for (and certainly not the server license). I installed it on Saturday, along with putty, firefox 3, pidgin, glade and sonata, telling myself I'd have a bit of fun before the end of the 60-day evaluation period. And I haven't booted it once since then...

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