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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Tomorrow, Ubuntu's second 'long-term support' release, 8.04 or Hardy Heron, will propagate its way through the list of mirrors. OSNews took a short look at the beta release of Hardy Heron a few weeks ago, and concluded that "All in all, this release packs some interesting new features and frameworks, some of which should have been part of any Linux distribution three years ago. It is quite clearly a beta though, and definitely not ready yet to be labeled as a 'long term support' release." In anticipation of the release, El Reg caught up with Mark Shuttleworth in London.
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RE[2]: Syncronizing releases
by Lennie on Wed 23rd Apr 2008 22:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Syncronizing releases"
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Maybe you didn't know this, but Mac uses deb underneath as well. :-)

So when you say, I don't like how the deb-distributions can be incompatible, but I like how the Mac handles it. You might not be making as much sense as you think you are.

As Mac is 'just' an other very-much-incompatible deb-based 'distribution'.

Update: fixed 2 typos, there might still exist other problems.

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