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Windows Everyone's been talking for what feels like an eternity about Vista being a major blunder, and everyone has their theories as to why it happened. So why would John C. Dvorak be any different? He's got 11 reasons why the OS was destined to flop.
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RE: My Vista experience
by sj87 on Thu 24th Apr 2008 05:22 UTC in reply to "My Vista experience"
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"Tried" is a key word here. I have prepared empty NTFS/HPFS active primary partition on my hard drive for Vista but it kept saying that it couldn't find a partition that could be used for install, I have recreated it and formatted from Vista partitioning utility but it didn't help. I figured that it might not like other operating systems sitting there given the previous Microsoft OS record.

I remember trying out the new Windows Server 2008. I couldn't get it accept my NTFS partition until I formatted the other one where I had FreeBSD installed on.

1. Driver support *should* have been much better. This is NOT Microsoft's fault, but lazy driver vendors who should be shot and court martialled at dawn...

What I've read it seems the blame is on both sides. Manufacturers trusted too much on Microsoft failing to deliver once again, but afterwards they found out Microsoft just failed at providing sane APIs which meant they were all screwed up. Creative had to invent this bubble gum fix called Alchemy (the name tells it all, I believe) and nVidia is still in trouble, I hear.

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