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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Hardy Heron has taken flight: it's the second LTS (Long Term Support) release of the world's most popular distro. New features include the Wubi Windows installer and Firefox 3 beta 5. Grab a copy here, and check out Linux Format's overview of the release.
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by JrezIN on Thu 24th Apr 2008 19:10 UTC
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For the first time I feel like giving away all those Ubuntu live CDs may really have a good impact for Ubuntu/Linux.

Wubi installer together with Bulletproof X is a combination that most new users can actually try and almost no chances of bad experiences and lost data. live CDs are nice, but everyone knows that it can't give the full Desktop experience, mostly in terms of speed. Giving users the ability to install Ubuntu without the fear of loosing data or, even worse, post-traumatic experience of lost partitions (that usually comes together with warnings to all friends how that Operation System sux...) is the most important feature to gather new users...
...and the ability to not hit a dead end, thanks to bulletproof x, won't prevent users from installing most of their desktop needs (video/tablet/mouse/multiple monitors/etc), and enjoy the goods of Ubuntu.

That said, it's a really nice release. Too bad Firefox 3.0 final didn't hit at time, but beta 5 is stable and good enough from what I can tell. Most of the Desktop experience is mature enough, for home users and enterprise users too. I hope the next version (a non LTS one) will focus on more bleeding edge features, like a more ambitious desktop rework (something that is always postponed) to attract more users and usability work to make to step line for migration and everyone learning computing.

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